Monday, February 16, 2015

FOLIO Tool 2: Hindsight Question

Tool 2: Hindsight Question

The purpose of Hindsight Question is to produce more switches in my thinking, but in a different way to the Switch tool. To generate a Hindsight Question I look at the topic (in this case reading books) and ask myself, "What question(s) would've generated the answer 'reading books'?" Examples could be:

What's a good way to educate myself?
What's a leisurely hobby?
What can you do in a library?
What's a necessary part of studying?
What did I like doing as a child?

Then I can pick one and generate alternative answers (thus, alternative focuses). Example:

What's a good way to educate myself?

Possible answers:

Do a course.
Learn online.
Get a private tutor.
Go to night school.

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