Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FOLIO Tool 4: About (Listing Facts)

Use of Adjectives 

Throughout this blog post, I'll use random adjectives to help guide the thinking directed by the nine tools. Here's a post about generating a list of adjectives: How to create a list of adjectives quickly.

Tool 4: About (Listing Facts) 

The About tool is used to list information about the topic. Again, adjectives are used here. For the topic reading books the format is:

On the subject of reading books, what is X?

Where the "X" is a random adjective. The random adjective "silent" would give:

On the subject of reading books, what is silent?

And I can come up with a few answers:

Listening to books by headphones
The pastime itself.

A question based on the adjective "nocturnal" would read:

On the subject of reading books, what is nocturnal?

Possible answers:

People queuing at midnight to buy books such as Harry Potter.
Reading at night.
Books about astronomy.

More Examples of About Tool:

On the subject of reading books...

Q: What's knowledgeable? A: People who read a lot of books.
Q: What's evident? A: The words on paper.
Q: What's watery? A: Ink on the paper.
Q: What's square? A: The shape of the book.
Q: What's hoaxed? A: The Hitler Diaries.
Q: What's odious? A: The burning of books. Some forms of censorship.
Q: What's dark? A: The horror genre.
Q: What's dichotomous? A: Party manifestos.
Q: What's menial? A: "Stuffy" books.

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