Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FOLIO Tool 7: Paper

Tool 7: Paper

With the Paper tool, I look back on the information written on the page so far (I usually work on A4 paper), parenthesise a selected section of the writing (it can be a word, a phrase, sentence, paragraph etc) and "lift" that information away to focus on with the SHM ABI PLT tools in its own right.

For example, from the previous FOLIO posts I could pick out information such as:

This is a simplified version.
Produce more switches in my thinking.
My thinking.
I pick a random adjective and use it as a trigger to generate some advice.
Make a difference?
Relaxes the reader.
The purpose of the creative mentor.

I can opt to stay on-topic or go off-topic. So, for example, with "my thinking" I could stay on-topic and think about my thinking in relation to the topic -  reading books - or go off-topic and think about my thinking more generally.

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