Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FOLIO Tool 8: Label and Extract

Tool 8: Label and Extract


The Label tool represents information with a single word. This makes the information into a manageable chunk and can open it up to more thinking options, ideas and possibilities.For example if I've written the sentence, "I can't sleep at night", then labeling it as "that problem" makes for a more manageable way to attack and think about the problem (I could use Advice-mentor, Questions-mentor, or any of the SHM ABI PLT tools).

I can use any word to label any amount of information I want, but the words from this group of words seem to work again and again: challenge, fact, question, goal, action, thing, sentence, problem. 

Example of Label:

The sentence I'm looking at is:

Some books are too expensive to touch.

That can be labeled as a fact, and I can then refer to the idea that some books are too expensive to touch as "that fact".

More Examples of Label: 

A party manifesto: That publication.
Reading up on music theory:  That mission.
Reading the work of a famous satirist: That idea.
Finding a way to project a book onto a wall: That challenge.
Reading a book in the bath: That action.
What makes a good reader? That question.

NB: If the information is plural then "those" can be used instead of "that":

People who read books: Those readers.
Stories that appear in trilogy form: Those stories.


To do the Extract option, I parenthesize some words in the past sentence and "lift them out", to consider them in their own right. For example, while thinking about the reading books topic, I could've generated the following sentence:

Have any books been written by ouija board?

I can parenthesise some of the words there:

Have any books been (written by ouija board?)

and lift them out, to focus on them in their own right:

Written by ouija board.

More Examples of Extract:

Here are some sentences. The words I could extract are inside the parentheses.

(What makes a wise) reader?
(Learn to read) Latin.
(Ways to express information) in ways that relax the reader.
The (horror) genre.
If floats (my boat).
You can't (judge a book by) its cover.
Might read and study a book only to find the (information is useless).

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